Dedicated to the Growth of Young Children


Welcome To Cevizli Busra Anaokulu

At Cevizli Busra Anaokulu , we encourage our students to observe their surroundings, think and wonder about everything they observe. Since several years, we have watched our students bloom from tiny little wonders into magnificent flowers with all their petals stretched wide out. We endeavour in making sure each student that passes through our doors have rich and challenging experiences from which they learn and grow together with their friends.

Every child is given his due importance and cared for by the staff at Cevizli Busra Anaokulu. We help each child develop their personality and become happy and independent little thinkers. At Cevizli Busra Anaokulu they learn how to behave socially and interact with their peers. Sharing and playing together are encouraged. We also make sure that our students have the right tools in learning how to deal with challenging situations.

Each day brings forth plenty of new experiences for the children to learn from. These experiences help shape up their personality and will dictate how they function in the outside world. Our goals for each child include:

  •        Learning to explore
  •        Stimulate their thinking process
  •        Build a strong foundation
  •        Develop social skills
  •        Provide Emotional Stability
  •        Learn to express their feelings
  •        Inculcate the desire to be good

Learning Is Fun

We believe that learning should be fun at Cevizli Busra Anaokulu. We provide our students plenty of ways to pick up new knowledge through interactive and stimulating ways rather than sticking to the traditional route of studying. Through structural playing, the children develop cognitive abilities as well as critical language skills. This helps with their creative thinking, self-structure, social intelligence and so on. The 3 basic skills of reading , writing and problem-solving are picked up the students through interactive sessions.

Imagination is let to run free at Cevizli Busra Anaokulu so that the children build their creativity which is translated through hands-on art projects and different language based activities. The students at Cevizli Busra Anaokulu stand out from our kindergarteners with their highly developed skills that make them ready to face the challenges of primary school with a smile on their faces.

Dedicated Teachers

Our dedicated staff is here to wipe away a tear and bring out a smile and teach the young ones how to have fun while learning something along the way. With years of experience, our staff has the patience and talent required to make classes more fun for the students.

Feel free to make an appointment with one of the teachers to find out more about what goes on at Cevizli Busra Anaokulu, where learning is fun!